FAQs for Magic Spoken

Why is Magic Spoken Exceptional?

‘Magic Spoken’ is exceptional because of the followings;


Who can join Magic Spoken?

Well, anyone who wants to learn Spoken English can join regardless of their age, place, language level. Moreover, Service holders, Businessmen, Housewives, College going students/School going kids can also admit for learning ‘Spoken English’.


How long is ‘Spoken English Course’ Duration?
Well, a learner can learn spoken English until he/she becomes fluent speaker. We’ll keep teaching until you become fluent and you don’t need any additional charge except your course fee.


How can I get enrolled?
Well, go to the front page. Choose a service and click the service you want and follow the steps.

For ‘Magic Spoken’ Program:  If you choose ‘Magic Spoken’ course, click ‘Enroll Now’ option, fill up your information, ensure the first installment 2,500/- BDT (+ Cash out charge) and submit. We’ll ensure your enrolment through proper checking. It’s simple.

N.B: To be successfully enrolled, you have to pay the 2nd and 3rd installments within 30days and 60 days consecutively from your 1st installment date.
Do you have any night batch for job professionals?
Yes, we have batch till 11.00 PM. Apart from these batches, we also conduct morning, afternoon and evening batch.


What Services do you provide?
Well, we have the following services available.


May I have a trial class for Magic Spoken program?
Of course, you can have it. Mail us writing ‘I want a trial class’ to the following;

Gmail: magicspoken@gmail.com