Instructor Code of conduct

This ‘code of conduct must be complied with by each instructor/spokesman while teaching and conducting any class/session.
Be Neutral and Culturally Sensitive: Respect the traditions and values of our learners and bear in mind that any stereotypical presumption can be offensive.

We recommend avoiding conversation about:

All learners should be treated equally regardless of their race, nationality, ethnicity, age, religion, disability or gender.

Be Professional, Cordial and Empathetic :
Since all learners come to learn, speak and practice English from their different backgrounds, different language levels, different proficiency levels, it’s normal to be different.  It’s important to be supportive and empathetic while helping them through their English learning difficulties.

Always keep in mind that each session you (as spokesman/instructor) are assigned is your responsibility and you will be liable for any complaint from the learner’s point.

Be Punctual and be a Magic Spoken Ambassador:
Every instructor/ Spokesman must ensure entry to the class /session before the scheduled time.

Maintain a positive and pro-active attitude towards ‘Magic Spoken’ and its service/services and make a positive comment about ‘Magic Spoken’.

‘Magic Spoken’ Bannable Offences:


Session Cancellation and rescheduling:
If you are unable to provide your instructor/spokesman service at the time previously agreed you comply to immediately inform the learner/learners and ‘Magic Spoken’ customer service that you are unable to provide the service at that scheduled time.

Payment and Disbursements :
After you provide instructor/spokesman service, you agree to the following listing;


Violation of code of conduct /any policy.
Violating any part/full of this ‘code of conduct is a bannable offence and ‘Magic Spoken’ reserves the right to ban any instructor/spokesman anytime without prior notice.

Apart from this, ‘Magic Spoken’ reserves the right to take any of the following actions any time and its sole discretion.


Contact Customer service:
If you wish to report a violation of this ‘code of conduct or any other use of terms or ‘Magic Spoken’ policy, or have a query and need assistance, please contact Magic Spoken Customer Service as follow;